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Our client (HQ in Abuja, Nigeria) is part of a European group of investors with a strong expertise in logistics for semi-solid and liquefied hydrocarbon products in Africa.


The family owned company operates state-of-the-art production facilities and is building and developing a large transportation fleet and a highly specialized logistic network and infrastructure to service demanding industrial customers all over Nigeria and West-Africa.


To prepare the company for a pivotal shift in executive leadership we have an exciting and unique opportunity available for an :



Chief Executive Transition & Succession Officer

Oil & Gas Industry & Logistics, Nigeria

6-12 Months Interim Position


You will be responsible for preparing the company for a pivotal shift in executive leadership from family members to a new external professional management and for evaluating and implementing possible alternative scenarios and succession roadmaps. This includes conducting a comprehensive audit and evaluation of the existing leadership team and organizational structure and making strategic recommendations to ensure a seamless transition and sustained organizational success.


Key factor in this role will be the establishment of a close collaboration and solid mutual trust and understanding with the Chairman and family members and a strong alignment with the Board and with the company's legacy, values and objectives. 


Key Responsibilities include :


  • Leadership Audit & Evaluation: Conduct thorough assessments of the current leadership capabilities, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and critical gaps. Evaluate the organizational structure for efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with industry best practices.
  • Succession Planning: Develop and implement a robust succession planning strategy that ensures a smooth transition of executive leadership, minimizes disruption, and maintains continuity in strategic direction.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Provide actionable recommendations for leadership development, organizational restructuring, and talent management to enhance overall business resilience and readiness for transition.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Maintain transparent communication with the Board of Directors, family members, senior management, and key stakeholders, ensuring alignment and buy-in for the transition plan. 
  • Change Management: Lead change management initiatives, fostering a culture of adaptability, and preparing the organization for the integration of new leadership methodologies and practices.
  • Talent Management: Ensuring that the organization has a pipeline of capable leaders ready to assume leadership positions as needed.
  • Risk Management: Anticipate, identify, and mitigate risks associated with the leadership transition, ensuring the stability and integrity of ongoing business operations. 
  • Interim Executive Leadership : When needed and required temporary take over specific responsibilities from the current Chairman. This aspect of the role demands a highly adaptable leader, capable of swiftly transitioning between strategic positions and effectively managing diverse aspects of the organization’s leadership and operational directives.


The ideal candidate will bring a mix of strategic oversight, industry expertise, and a hands-on approach to guide the organization through this transition phase.


Profile Requirements include :


  • Experience: Minimum of 20-30 years of senior executive leadership experience in a CEO or other top-level position in an international company, preferably in the Oil & Gas sector or related industrial and/or logistic environment. Proven track record and hands-on experience in succession planning, organizational development, change & risk management, board development, strategic alignment and leadership transition planning.
  • Strong Financial Expertise : Demonstrated proficiency in financial management with the ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and make informed, strategic recommendations and decisions.
  • Industry Knowledge: Ideally a deep understanding of the Oil & Gas sector or other similar industry. Preferably a firsthand experience working in more volatile inflationary economies (e.g. Africa, Latin America), demonstrating a capacity to manage risks and implement adaptive strategies. 
  • Strategic Thinking: Exceptional ability to think strategically and translate strategic plans into actionable and impactful operational plans.
  • Communication Skills: Outstanding communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage and influence senior executives, board members, and key stakeholders.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Strong understanding of local cultural nuances and the ability to navigate the complexities of a family-run business transitioning to external management. On the ground experience in an African business environment is an asset.
  • Leadership Qualities: Demonstrated leadership and change management skills, with the ability to inspire, motivate, and guide teams through transformational periods.
  • Analytical Skills: High-level analytical and problem-solving abilities, capable of conducting complex analyses to inform decision-making and strategic recommendations.
  • High Ethical Standards and Personal Integrity.


During this assignment you are prepared to live and work in Nigeria (Abuja) with frequent travel in West-Africa and regular visits to the group offices in Europe.


It is essential that suitable candidates for this interim position will be available on short notice in order to start the assignment on-location in Nigeria as soon as possible.


For this Interim Position (min. 6 months), the group offers a highly attractive compensation package with benefits and incentives according to your contribution to shaping the future leadership landscape of the company in Africa.

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If you are interested, we ask you to apply on-line by creating a profile and evaluating yourself on the skills and competencies that guarantee success in this position.

Your consultant:
Marc Van Beethoven

Interviews and meetings will be organised on different locations in Europe, Africa & Latin America.                 


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