HR in the VC and private equity world

The H-Web Fund is an investment fund that provides substantial resources to start-ups and growing companies in Africa.
The H-Web was founded by African and Belgian entrepreneurs and academics. It works together with the University of Cape Town and Belgian universities & colleges.

The H-Web Fund experiences that the qualities of the entrepreneur ('the jockey') are just as important as the business project itself ('the horse') to make the company a success. Therefore it wants to analyze its candidate investees as thoroughly as their business plan.

Search & Selection has developed a purpose based methodology to map the entrepreneurial potential of the candidate investees. This approach is known as Vocational Investment Advice (VIA).

In addition to improving the success ratio, the results are also used for personal development, for team building, and for further mentoring and follow-up of the investees.

This role for HR is new in the venture capital and private equity world. With this development, Search & Selection focuses on the potential of the entrepreneur, and wants to stimulate the investment world for a professional evaluation of their candidate investees.